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 Airs from Who Knows Where.


An American Army Of Two

An American Army of Two • Diane Taraz and Jim Gleason 

During the War of 1812, as British ships blockaded the coast and raided coastal communities, the teenaged daughters of a Scituate lighthouse keeper saved their town through musical subterfuge. When they saw a barge of Redcoats approaching, Abigail and Rebecca Bates hid with their fife and drum behind the dunes and made such a racket that the Lobsterbacks mistook them for a Yankee encampment. This song celebrates their courage and invokes the tune they played: Yankee Doodle, whose ancient melody was known as "the air from who knows where."

Flop-Eared Mule

Katy Cruel

Message In A Bottle

Moran's Hornpipe/Raftery's Favorite/The Friendly Visit

Mulloy's Reel/The Drunken Tinker/The High Reel

The Diamond

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