Workshops & Teaching


Band members and alumni offer festival workshops and private/group instruction on flute, tin whistle, fife, guitar, dulcimer, and voice. Please inquire how we can enrich your festival and support your teaching program.

Band Members

  • David Rosen offers a unique workshop that teaches how to build and play the inimitable pogocello.
  • Lynn Noel offers solo festival workshops in maritime music, harmony singing, English mumming and folk plays, Franco music, and more. A professional heritage interpreter, she leads training and professional-development workshops in first-person living history and in using music and storytelling in museum education.
  • Diane Taraz offers solo festival workshops in women's history, songwriting, choral arranging, and song leading with small children. She also takes commissions for original choral works and choral arrangements.
  • Diane and Lynn, Les Bostonnaises (the girls from Boston), offer a duo workshop in Songs of Old and New France, featuring traditional French and French-Canadian chansons à répondre and original songs of the Franco experience in New England.
  • John Berger offers festival workshops in fingerstyle guitar, Celtic fiddle, and five-string banjo. 
  • Nancy Koch offers festival workshops in accordion styles and technique.

Band Alumni

See each alumni member's bio for more information.
  • Andrea Mori teaches Irish flute, whistle, and fife.
  • Paul Harty offers workshops and teaching, both solo and with his many performing groups.

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