More Questions, and the Devil's Fiddle, from Anders

What a colorful description! I have some further questions to clarify the construction:
  • Is both the stick and the board vertical attached to each other or is the board horisontally attached to the end of the stick ?
  • Assuming the board is vertical, how much of the spring is outside the board (is it only the spring that hits the floor or does the spring compress that much so the board hits the floor too) ?
  • I'm not familiar with the expression "braided bailing wire", is it some kind of metal wire (like a string to a bass guitar) or is it some kind of a cord to keep a bale of hay together ?
  • Is the coat hanger made of wood, plastic or metal wire ?
  • I have problems to imagine how the bracket, the coat hanger, the tin and the wire are attached to each other and working together to make the sound. Is the bracket attached to the middle or one end of the coat hanger ?

  • Your description reminds me of a picture I saw in a "make your own instruments" book I saw at the library. I shall see if I can find that book again, scan the picture and send it to you. The instrument was called (straight translation from swedish) a Devil's fiddle."

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