How to Build and Play the Pogocello


How can I build a pogocello? from Anders

I'm a percussionist in an orchestra in Trollhattan, Sweden. At our next concert we are about to play "Selections from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins", an arrangement for military band by Irwin Kostal edited by Alfred Reed. In parts of it (the tune "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius") there is noted to play on a Pogo Cello (or any stick with rattles), together with washboard, tambourine, drum set etc. The tempo is Brightly (in 2) with 4 quarter notes per bar for the Pogo Cello, alternatively hit on floor and slap. Now to my wonderings. As a percussionist, I like to try to recreate whatever the sound is that is noted in the scores. Do you have the possibility to help me out by - describing what a Pogo Cello look like (description, photo etc) - telling me what it consists of that makes sounds - telling me how you handle it to make it sound - trying to describe the sounds or anything else that you can think of that can help me recreate a sound as like a Pogo Cello as possible?

Essentials of the Pogocello, from David

More Questions, and the Devil's Fiddle, from Anders

Anders in Concert

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