Waterbound (1987)


© Alcazar Productions, Waterbury, VT

Recorded at Audio Matrix Recording Studio, Cambridge, MA

John Berger fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals
Tim Murphy fiddle, guitar, mandolin, vocals
Patty Shinehouse flute
David "Doc" Rosen bones, spoons, bodhran
Ralph Tufo Accordion, concertina
Susan Zimelis hammered dulcimer, vocals

Engineer - Dennis Pearne
Pogo cello carved by sculptor, Rita M. Dunipace

 po-go-cel-lo (po' go)(chel' o) n. a percussion instrument consisting of a stick with a strong metal spring at the bottom, tuned several octaves below the viola. Sometimes made from New England fir, Danish cookie tins, and cat food can lids. Executed by drawing a threaded wooden rod across braided bailing wire. Originally invented in Far Rockaway, N.Y. in the late 1950's.
    1. Sailing By Ash Breeze_Steamboat Quickstep
    2. Sandy River Belle_Cajun Fais Do Do
    3. Beware Young Ladies
    4. Cowboy Waltz
    5. New York Girls
    6. Young Terence McDonough
    7. Les Noto Oro
    8. M & S Polka
    9. Swipesy Cakewalk
    10. Sullivan's Son_The Odd Maggot
    11. The Downfall of Paris_Loftus Jones
    12. Waterbound
    13. Desert Wind

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